International Team for Circular
and Accessible Tourism

Circular Tourism and Accessible Tourism (CAT) are seen as two fast-growing and sustainable sectors, according to the recent EC Study on the Supply Side of Tourism Education and Training (2016), and CIRTOINNO research report (Interreg Europe, 2019).

These two emerging segments are expected to create a competitive niche for disadvantaged regions pursuing sustainable development and tackling the lingering unemployment. Nevertheless, shortage in related VET training reported in various countries poses lamentable hurdles to their take-off and actions should be taken to increase the Training resources. 

Therefore, InterCat Project means to identify and exchange the best training practices in 5 project’s countries according to an evidence-based approach, to be compiled into a Glossary of Training Items for CAT, offer solutions to skills mismatches in CAT and shortage of labour in the sector and to adapt existing learning methods and materials with new evolved methods and realities in CAT, using a bespoke DIATool (Destination Image Analysis tool).